Here's Why Frequent Traveler Need A Good Lens Protector

Here's Why Frequent Traveler Need A Good Lens Protector

From picturesque views of the Alps to the Statue of Liberty, from beaches to desert landscapes, nothing compares to the thrill of travelling. From an unparalleled perspective, you get to explore different people, cultures, and a host of other things that might be otherwise inaccessible to you.

But not until your camera or lens takes the hit.

Damage to one of these can ruin your day. And if you're a frequent traveller, it can also turn your trip into a nightmare. Why? These reasons will definitely convince you to cop one.

1. Camera lenses are susceptible to lens fungus. 

Have you ever heard of lens fungus? If not, you might find out soon enough.

At high altitudes, the atmosphere becomes dry and susceptible to dust particles. These dust particles can get on the lens, and when exposed to moisture (which is plenty on the ground), these particles start to grow and spread. Next thing you know, your lens is being overtaken by a weird white spot that blocks your view of your subject.


These are known as lens fungi. While dust clouds aren't a problem here, they can be a carrier of fungus spores along with moisture. This combination can be a good breeding ground for fungus. And you certainly don't want that, especially if you have a trip planned any time soon.

With a lens protector, you can prevent that from happening.

2. The cost of repairs or replacement can be expensive!

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your equipment damaged. Such damage can take your image quality and even ruin the whole trip.

Some people get so frustrated that they go on a tirade, only to break their gear more! If you don't want to go through this cycle of sadness, frustration, and anger, then it's time you invest in a lens protector.

Lens protector is a highly-rated accessory that prevents your lens from damage. It guards your lens against dust, moisture, scratches, and, most importantly, lens fungus. So you can feel safe while travelling now that you know what it is and how it works.

3. No more getting wet.

Shooting in the midst of the rain can be a challenge to photographers. You see, raindrops are tiny and can easily get on the lens without you noticing.

That's where the lens protector comes in. It keeps all the moisture out and shields your camera from damaging factors that could ruin your trip or pictures. Plus, it doesn't take up much of your space, so it's not as bulky and can fit easily in your bag, especially if you're travelling light.

Trust us. You'll thank us for the next time you take your next iPhone shot.

4. What's more important than your lens is the camera itself! 

The last thing you want as a frequent traveller is to ruin your photos with a broken or damaged camera.

Most of us know that camera gear is expensive, and we do our best to protect it. But wouldn't it be better if you had a way to protect your gear from the start? Using your camera makes the glass surface prone to tiny cracks and scratches. Damage to the glass wastes your camera's quality and can lead o overzealous repairs.

What type of iPhone camera lens protector do you need to buy?

Here at Dropguys, we always recommend checking the lens if there is any damage before you leave. After all, it pays to be careful.

If your damage is severe and requires more than a repair, then it's best to purchase a protective case first. Several mini waterproof protectors can stand perfectly straight and provide good protection without the bulkiness of an underwater case.

But if you'd like to add another layer of protection for the fragile camera lens, then go for military-grade waterproof lens protectors. They usually come in a transparent colour that offers a degree of visibility to your lens. Plus, they don't take up too much space and are, in most cases, compact.

Frequent travel is a great way to unwind and live luxuriously. But sometimes, it can prove to be stressful and dangerous. As a photographer, you need to protect your gear from any damage that might occur in case of an accident or mishap. 

All it takes is one little mistake or accident to render your gear useless for the rest of the trip. Don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you.

A better camera lens protector than the rest!

Dropguys offers the best iPhone camera lens protectors in the market. We do this by providing high-quality protection at an affordable price. We want to ensure you get everything you want from your next trip.

Our money-back guarantee ensures that if your lens protector doesn't work, we'll refund your money. So, if you're looking for a good-quality lens protector at a fair price, check out the prices of our protectors and visit our online store. 

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