Anti-Clumsy Tips For iPhone Droppers (and Accessories You May Invest On)

Anti-Clumsy Tips For iPhone Droppers (and Accessories You May Invest On)

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You've never admitted this to anyone, but:

You're clumsy.

Sometimes, life and human beings seem to go perfectly, but eventually, everyone makes mistakes and slips-ups. Whether holding a door for the person behind you or trying to unlock your phone with a small key, it seems that even the most successful people will slip up from time to time.

Unfortunately, your iPhone suffers more than most.

While iPhone clicks and cracks are nothing new, it's nice to know that with a handful of precautions and tips, you can keep your device safe and in good shape for many more years.

  1. Never place your phone in areas easily exposed to water, such as the bathroom counter.

Think of your phone as a baby. Sure, it might not have feelings, but just because it hasn't passed away doesn't mean it deserves to be treated like anything less than a fragile little thing. So why put your phone in the same place you wash your hair or shower? 

Both of these activities involve soapy water, and they may also leave behind residue that's hard to clean up later. 

Additionally, don't place it too on places close to the edge of anything, which could result in a fall. 

  1. Always carry your phone in a decent case, no matter where you're going or where you're at.

This is one of the easiest tips to follow – it won't cost you much money, and it will save you from headaches later on. There's nothing worse than dropping your iPhone on rough cement and watching as it shatters into pieces right before your eyes.

  1. Avoid exposing your phone to extreme temperatures by always putting it in a pocket.

There's nothing worse than coming home from a cold winter day and realizing that your cell phone has frozen due to the inside temperature of your pocket. 

  1. Always use the right charger and make sure it's plugged in completely before using it.

Unfortunately, this tip doesn't apply to everyone as some people still have to charge their phones using an AC adapter which can sometimes be faulty or damaged like any other product from time to time.

Consult a pro, such as a phone repair shop, to see if your charger is safe to use.

This can also prevent any damage to your phone's screen or battery.

What iPhone Accessories Fit Any Lifestyle?

Swamped with different colors, customization options and price points, making the right iPhone accessories choices for yourself can be tough. From simple, clear iPhone cases to Magsafe-style lightning cables, we made sure to show you some of our favorite iPhone accessories here at Dropguys.

Screen Protectors

Adventurous blogger?

An on-the-go advertiser?

A mobile gamer? Or perhaps, you're a keyboard warrior who loves to type a the speed of light.

Whatever your lifestyle or whatever your preferences may be, screen protectors save you from a lot of hassles.

From fingerprints to scratches, they're a great investment – especially if you're naturally clumsy. However, with clear screen protectors, you can prevent your iPhone's screen from getting damaged while keeping the original color and shape of the device intact. 

Clear, anti-glare and tempered glass are some of the most popular types available in stores today. We recommend choosing one that will provide the best compatibility with your iPhone's screen and allow for some viewing angles.

Lens Protector

An underrated feature but one that can greatly improve your iPhone camera's performance.

Not only are lens protectors useful if you're taking photos with an iPhone at night, but they also help your camera's sensor and optics to stay protected.

 Drop Protection iPhone Cases

An average iPhone case just doesn't cut it.

If you're a naturally born clutz, you need to get an iPhone case that can protect your phone from drops and give it some shockproof capabilities as well. Mishaps are bound to happen, so better to be safe than sorry.

iPhone cases with Magsafe

Magsafe is the name of the magnetic connector cable Apple uses on its MacBook and MacBook Pro line of laptops.

Similar to Magsafe, MagSafe-style lightning cables are also used on iPhone chargers to provide power through a grounded connection instead of touching the battery with a potentially damaging metal connector.

It works just like a standard 30-pin charger, but it connects as you charge your iPhone using one end and then folds in half when you're done for easy storage and portability.

While it's true that you need to spend money to make money, you don't necessarily need to go out of your way and pay top dollar just to be fancy. Instead, take our advice and devise a budget that will allow you to get the right accessories.

In the end, the result is going to pay off. Not only will your iPhone look more appealing, but it will also help protect against any potential accidents.