7 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your iPhone

7 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your iPhone


Nothing beats the joy of owning a new iPhone these days. They're sleek, powerful, and intuitive—to be honest, some might say they are almost too good to be true. But as what usually happens in life, nothing without a catch. 

A small downside of owning an iPhone that most people tend to ignore is the bad habits that will ruin your iPhone faster than you think.

Here's a quick list of things you should stop doing if you want to enjoy your iPhone for a very long time:

Habit #1: Constantly dropping your phone.

The science behind this is that the metal within your phone is actually super strong, meaning that it can take a lot of abuse before it breaks. However, because it's not made of rubber, most phones are built to handle drops better in some way than others.

Apple products are designed with an aluminum casing and tight hinges, keeping them well protected from drops. The thing is, no matter how protected a phone is, it's still not going to handle a fall from more than 4 feet well.

Habit #2: Leaving Your Phone Out in the Sun

Yes, we need light from the sun to keep our bodies healthy. But, giving your iPhone or any other smartphone as much exposure as possible is NOT good for it. Heat can cause internal short circuits and overheating, which will eventually lead to a dead device.

Besides, UV light can also affect your phone's display, causing permanent damage over time. So while you're out using your phone and it's exposed to the sun, make sure it's covered in some iPhone cases with military-grade protection. 

Habit #3: Pushing Your Phone Out of Your Pocket

If you don't want your phone to fall out of your pocket every time you sit down or move, try getting an iPhone case with Magsafe, a magnetic charging design that allows you to just place the phone on the charger without taking it out of your pocket. 

Some people put their phones in their back pockets, and that's a big no-no, as the friction from most materials will wear away at the edges of your device, making it look older than it should be.

Habit #4: Never sync up with iCloud

iPhones are pretty smart on their own, but they're not perfect. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you don't back up your iPhone from time to time. That includes installing new apps, saving files in apps, and pretty much everything else.

This is especially important because Apple doesn't allow user-created backups for iCloud. When you back up your iPhone over Wi-Fi, it saves to your account only. Instead of using iTunes, we highly recommend using iCloud Backup as it is way faster and more reliable than the former method.

Habit #5: Installing Apps You Don't Need

You might think trying out every free app you can get your hands on might be fun, but it's not. Developers design most apps to make money from you long-term rather than add real value to your life.

To avoid becoming a victim of these unnecessary apps, just stick with the big brands or trusted names—and read the reviews before downloading any new software onto your iPhone.

Pro Tip: To get the most from your iPhone, you need certain apps that provide certain functions, like mail and music, etc. A great way to find the best apps for your iPhone is to search for apps that are similar to what you need but also have a high rating.

Habit #6: Keeping Your iPhone in a Case That's Too Tight

When it comes to ensuring you have the most protection for your phone, the tightest case is usually not the way to go. Instead, try to fit your phone in a case that will give it some space to breathe and avoid making the device too snug.

Tight spaces can cause your phone to heat up, affecting internal components' performance.

Tip: If you want to buy a brand-new case for your iPhone, always look for one made of the best quality material available. 

Habit #7: Using Your iPhone when it's Charging

You might think you're saving time by replying to your messages or checking your Instagram feed while your phone is charging. But the truth is, the more you use your iPhone when it's charging, the quicker its battery will die.

If you have to use your phone while it's on a charger, try to keep a close eye on the battery level. When it reaches a certain level, put it down for about 10-15 minutes before continuing to use it.

In conclusion, iPhone users should try to avoid these habits because they will cause serious damage to their devices. Our advice is to take good care of you and your iPhone; they will live a long and happy life together.

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