10  iPhone 14 Case Designs To Match Your Holiday Feels

10 iPhone 14 Case Designs To Match Your Holiday Feels

The breeze always feels fresh and crisp in the fall; so does apple picking, pumpkin decorating, and chilly nights with a warm spot on the couch. With the change in weather, it’s time to change up your phone case, too. We rounded up some of our favorite pieces for the season – from a ‘cinnamon spice’ iPhone case to a ‘smoked apricot’ one – to get you set for your holiday adventures.

We know some design-obsessed phone owners out there love making their devices their own with custom cases and accessories. Hence, we took a look at the most popular holiday-themed designs and picked our favorites! So whether you’re going for a highly detailed image of your favorite Christmas movie or a simple and sleek design, we picked something for everyone.

1. White Christmas Madness

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Reindeer and snowflakes, mittens and scarves – we’re dreaming of the perfect Christmas. We love the idea of a holiday phone case that has that same feeling of joy and wonder. It’s the perfect way to protect your device while showing off your style!

2. Cinnamon Spice

It’s fall, and everything is getting a little bit spicier – plus, it’s still warm enough to enjoy these treats by the fire. Decorate your phone with our latest favorite – a cinnamon spice decorated case! 

It will make you think of warm apple cider and pumpkin pie topped with vanilla ice cream.

3. Peppermint Candy

They are so deliciously sweet, and they’re hard to resist. Adorn your phone with this candy cane (or two) for a treat.

4. Gingerbread

There’s something about gingerbread that is so warm, inviting, and homey. It just screams cozy nights spent by the fire. We thought this little guy would be a perfect addition to your phone case, next to your Christmas sweater, or a cup of hot cocoa!

5. Smoked Apricot

We promise you won’t get sick of this case. It’s a classic. The deep, rich red goes well with any outfit. Not to mention it looks great with a grey background for an iPhone 14 Pro Max. This would be great to have on your phone through Valentine’s Day too!

6. Sparkling Christmas

Christmas can get super sparkly — and so can your favorite iPhone case! Celebrate the holidays in style with an enchanted snowflake iPhone case that’ll be perfect for Instagram, chatting to friends, or wrapping up in a blanket over the holidays.

7. The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a truly magical story, full of whimsical characters and fun dance numbers. Flexible, snug-fitting bumper covers are a lot of fun. The white color is flattering and makes the text pop against the bright red sparkle!

8. Fireworks

Let off some holiday fireworks by getting this case for your iPhone. The fiery orange brings the Fourth of July to mind — even better! This could be a new favorite for some people too – and you’d be surprised how cute it will look on your phone!

9. Santa Sights

Who’s got a phone case like this? Santa is probably the most ubiquitous fictional character of all time, recognizable by children and adults. Be one of the good little boys and girls, and make your phone as warm and fuzzy as the legendary figure.

10. Holiday Glow

It’s time to light up the holiday season! This case will give your iPhone a warm glow that’s as inviting as the holidays. Come celebrate the season with this case by your side!

Decorate Clear iPhone 14 Case Now!

Unlike pre-made iPhone case designs, you can decorate the clear case of your iPhone to make your design. In addition, you can use colors, images, and patterns to enhance the overall look of your phone case.


Go buy a  clear iPhone case, cute stickers (depending on the size of your case), stickers, paints, colors, and brushes.


Yes, seriously! It’s simple when you want to make personalized designs with your clear case. If you don’t like the pre-made stickers and patterns, you can use your own images to create custom iPhone case art. You can use any design medium – paint, wax, glue, or dyes – to make your own personalized iPhone case art.

Another way is to digitally create your own holiday-themed design, then transfer it to your phone case. Following this method, you won’t have to use stickers, paints, and other materials.

You can be a little creative this year! Make your holiday entertaining, exciting, and memorable by using your designs on custom-made iPhone 14 cases!

Nothing beats a handmade gift. You gave it some thought and made it with your bare hands. With the holidays just around the corner, you can be extra prepared to make that special someone smile.